Software Features

    contoureR is a library for R, that executes linear interpolation on a delaunay triangulated mesh strung between three-dimensional (3D) points supplied by the user. Contours are calculated across the surface constrained by the convex hull of the supplied data.

    Delaunay Based

    Uses a Delaunay Mesh strung between input data points to produce continuous iso-contours.

    Are You Regular?

    Input data can be regular or non-regular, a fixed grid of points is not necessarily required.

    All Shapes & Sizes!

    Non-regular data means non-regular canvas bounds. Circles, Squares, Polygons... no problem.

    Implemented in R

    Bundled as an R package, and available through CRAN, contoureR is easy to install.

    Easy to Use

    Publication-quality contour data can be produced with only a few lines of code.

    C++ Driven

    The 'grunt-work' has been written in C++ for computational efficiency.

    Produce Beautiful Contours


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